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There's More To Life

Trent Yesberg –

So it's important to always remember your 'Why'

I was having a conversation with a prospective business purchaser. Discussing just general chit-chat before we got down to business talk. We were talking about 'toys' i.e. cars, boats etc., basically anything material that provides enjoyment. Now I am not really a 'car guy' nor am I anything much of a fisherman. Traditionally speaking I know enough about accounting, economics and finances to know that a car, no matter how nice (i.e. expensive) it is, is just an expense, although I really do love my car (thank you Lexus). Similarly like fishermen who really love their boat even though it is also another pure 'expense'. As we finished the chit-chat and started talking business, I said the throw away line; "Well you've got to spend your money on something…"

Paperless? Probably Less Paper

Trent Yesberg –

Reducing paperwork, one app at a time

Biologists say 'ecosystem' to describe a community of organisms interacting in their environment. We can use that definition with business as well. Then, in a business ecosystem, the relationships between things matter. In fact, they matter a lot. Everything touches everything else so the way that humans interact has a big effect on the system.

For The Love, Of Money

Trent Yesberg –

Tying the knot - Financially

If there is anything I have learned in my 34 years on this green and blue rock, it's that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Not that I have read that book to know what that exactly refers to, but I have a hunch it's that us men think differently. Very differently. That is why it is so important, that when you are making the biggest commitment of your life, you communicate, about EVERYTHING.

New Office

Robyn Yesberg –

Regional Business Services and NQ Finance Group are excited to announce our new offices are nearing completion. We will be operating from 39 Ingham Road West End from Tuesday 6th February.

Our existing phone numbers and contact details will remain the same:
Phone (07) 4795 1181

We welcome you to come visit our new offices!

DUO Magazine Cover: January 2018

Let's Get This Party Started!

Trent Yesberg –

Focus for your HUGE 2018

Another reason is that it’s another turning point. A close to what has (hopefully) been a successful year, with an excited anticipation of what lies ahead.