Perfect Work/Life Balance

Trent Yesberg –

DUO Magazine Cover: August 2018

It exists. I have found it.

Last year, my wife and our friends went on a cruise. This was the first time that we had been on a cruise and we definitely picked an amazing way to introduce ourselves to cruising, or as we liked to call it: #cruiselife. In anticipation of the first cruise ship departure leaving Townsville Port next month, I thought I would revisit a column I wrote last year.

I explained last year about how I was impressed by the systems that Royal Caribbean operate with to be able to seamlessly accommodate the needs of over 8000 people onboard. Further to this, I found I was most impressed with the facilities available, considering we were hundreds of kilometres away at sea. Then, probably the best idea I have ever had, struck me like a lightning bolt – I could actually live AND still work aboard this ship...

Let me explain. We had lightning fast internet. Yes, sorry NBNCo but we get better internet on a ship off the coast of Cuba then we do in our office (FTTP too FYI).

Our room had a good sized desk to work from, not forgetting the exceptional view.

So here is how I would (like to) run RBS/NQ Finance Group aboard a cruise ship:

What tools do I require for this utopic work environment?

  1. Cruise Ship
  2. My trusty Macbook (laptop)
  3. iPhone
  4. Email (Outlook/G-Suite)
  5. Cloud Software such as QuickBooks Online
  6. Internet Banking

So it's not exactly that far fetched to imagine working in Utopia is it? This is how your business can be set up RIGHT NOW!

There is nothing stopping you from running a services based business online.

It doesn't even take a little imagination anymore – these are standard systems, tools and software that are available right now and are CHEAP.

Chances are you are probably doing it already! There actually is such a thing as work/life balance, you just need to make it happen.

(Originally published DUO Magazine August 2018)