Motoring Ahead

Trent Yesberg –

DUO Magazine Cover: October 2018

Taking wheel (real) action

So far, 2018 has been a big year for our business. Yet it probably shouldn't have been. That's why business is confusing and exciting at the same time. We implemented a number of changes to our business over the last year. Changes that have been in planning or discussion for a while which we 'finally' rolled out. I mean 'finally' in the naive sense of 'Are we there yet?'. Looking back now in reality we were 'almost', 'kind of', 'in some way', 'probably' 'only just ready' (Hindsight is a beautiful thing).

What 'wheely' (really) got us moving this year were two major things;

  1. We purchased our own premises (so much excitement, so much expense)
  2. Ian (Dad/The Boss) and Mum purchased their new Mobile Offce (aka motorhome)

Let me tell you, there's only one more level of motivation to improve your business than when you see your bank account plummet. That's when you contemplate having the fundamental backbone of the business (aka Dad) out motoring on the open roads, rather than still in the once at our beck and call!

At the beginning of the year, we talked about what we thought 2018 was going to look like. We had just settled on our new premises (come check them out anytime! 39 Ingham Road) and Mum and Dad had signed the contract for their motorhome.

The office needed a fair bit of work to make it our new home and our budget was as tender as my fingertips after tearing up the 15 year old carpet.

Add to that, Ian was going to be on the road, visiting clients in his mobile office and also taking some very well deserved time off in between work appointments. On top of this, we had our business to run! But the two purchases weren't the reason for our big year. They were the catalyst for 2018.

We needed to change. We had changed in some ways already, introducing our successful finance offering and utilising our cloud software suite but now a whole new level of change was required. So we did it. We further systemised our processes and procedures. We delegated responsibilities and upskilled our team. We hired new staff with differing skill sets. Not all at once. This all took time to incrementally introduce. We are human after all. Change isn't comfortable (at first). We didn't, nor does anyone have 'The Business Rule Book' that tells you to do this, do that and everything will be perfect. We tried, learned and tried again.

The outcome has far exceeded our expectations. The office is such a welcoming and productive environment – it is a fun place to be!

We have a whole heap of new toys like video-conferencing facilities, training rooms and meeting rooms.

We have other awesome, complimentary businesses in the office now and a massive breakout lunch area. Ian is always connected with us all in the office as well as with our amazing clients and we are taking on more and more work.

This column is about encouraging you to visualise your ideal office/business/life/career and to go after it. You can do it! Recognise the need for change and embrace it. If you don't create it for yourself, no one else is going to. Put those wheels in motion!

(Originally published DUO Magazine October 2018)