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DUO Magazine Cover: December 2016

All I Want For Christmas…

Trent Yesberg –

My perfect business wishlist

AS we head into the silly season to round out another year (I swear they go past faster and faster) I thought I would help out anyone who was having difficulty in deciding what they wanted for Christmas. Whilst this is no Oprah's Favourite Things, it will definitely bring a smile to any business owners face who is currently drowning in paperwork.

DUO Magazine Cover: November 2016

The Times Aren't Changing. They Have Already Changed.

Trent Yesberg –

What services your bookkeeper SHOULD be providing you

WHAT even is a 'bookkeeper'? The term 'books' comes from the dark ages (sorry oldies) where the keeper of said books, pencilled in sales figures, expenses and wages into paper account books called a ledger. The journals went on for pages and month end and really was a chaotic and stressful event.

DUO Magazine Cover: October 2016

Start Your Day With The Warm and Fuzzies

Trent Yesberg –

And no it isn't coffee.

I was running early for an appointment last week so I took the opportunity and popped into the Harold Street Mini Mart for a coffee (Great coffee by the way). As I was walking in a "little old lady" walked in just in front of me, walking cane in hand. I ordered my flat white and began to wait till it was ready. The "little old lady" was finalising her shopping, placing her items on the counter. Without much chitchat, her purchases were rung through the till. As the attendant picked up her bottle of milk, he opened it and placed it in her bag.

DUO Magazine Cover: September 2016

Shark Attack

Trent Yesberg –

I was attacked by a shark earlier today. I survived. Just. Well, not really. But I loved it.

IT had been an inspiring morning, enjoying the Innovation Business Breakfast at the DUO Magazine table (P.S. thank you for the invite DUO!), listening to all of the great things happening and about to happen in our beautiful city. Listening to business leaders share their stories of success and interestingly, failure. You could not help but feel #TownsvilleProud and excited for the future. Then it happened. The event was finishing and people were beginning to leave their seats. I was finishing a chat when one of the presenters walked by our table, heading off to what I would assume was their seat. I smiled and gave my best "Great work mate" nod. The presenter smiled back, changed directions and headed straight for the vacated seat beside me! "Hi, I'm Steve" was my introduction to Steve Baxter, now known more widely for his involvement with the Shark Tank TV Show, but more impressively the co-founder of PIPE Networks (AFTER he had sold his first business to Malcolm Turnbull / Ozemail back in the day).

Ian Yesberg, Trent Yesberg

Time Out: When Business Takes You Away from the Office

Trent Yesberg –

I have just recently returned from being "on tour" with Intuit, the software creator of our favourite accounting software QuickBooks Online. I was invited along with Ian (the Boss/Dad) to present as part of a roadshow showcasing not only QuickBooks Online but a number of other software Applications called "Add-ons". It was a great privilege to present in front of our industry peers who were able to listen to how our business has grown and developed over the years utilising Cloud Technology.

DUO Magazine Cover: March 2016

Part 3: Lessons from Cuba Cycling Tour

Trent Yesberg –

The Journey & The Destination

CUBA is fascinating, as my wife and I discovered, on our cycling tour of the country, last November. It is steeped in history, culture and lifestyle, and Cuban cuisine offers a taste of all of this with its sumptuous slow cooked meats, tasty rice dishes, and variety of salads and vegetables. This was not the norm mind you. The majority of the meals on tour consisted of canned meats and vegetables (at least it was supposed to be meat). When we were fortunate enough to have real meat, it was not the same as we enjoy in Australia. Whatever your thoughts on socialism, there is no denying the resilience and resourcefulness of the beautiful Cuban people to prepare amazing cuisine.

DUO Magazine Cover: January 2016

Part 1: Lessons from Cuba Cycling Tour

Trent Yesberg –

The Spinning Wheel – What the Irish taught me

Neither I nor my lovely wife Shantelle are cyclists, but that didn't stop her from signing us up to do a cycling tour of Cuba. "Something different" was what we told our friends and family when they stared at us in bewilderment, once we divulged our plans for the spare 10 days between the two conferences that we were attending in America.