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NQ Finance Group is a brand new subsidiary of Regional Business Services.

By using NQ Finance Group to organise your finance, you are ensuring you get the best outcome for YOU. We have no affiliations with any institution, so we can source your finance from almost any provider (even your existing provider).

Whether you are a business owner, an employee or considering starting a new business venture, NQ Finance Group can set you on the right path.

We use our experience and knowledge to educate you on the facilities and product that will work the best for YOU.

We are not pro-debt. Strange right? Debt can be devastating when it is not organised correctly. It can put pressure on life quality, relationships and overall mental well-being. That's why we want to set you up with the right facilities to suit your needs.

The right kind of debt, with the right facilities and at the right level can leverage your financial position for a strong financial future.

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