Humans of Townsville

Trent Yesberg –

Trent Yesberg Regional Business Services has been around since GST was first introduced in 2000. I started working with Dad (Ian) at RBS in 2012 after working for a "Big Four Bank" for 9 years. We are a small business consultancy. We specialise in helping small to medium size businesses in implementing productivity improvements in their business using cloud based applications to maximise profits.

I am so proud of the business my father has built from the ground up. He has lived what other business owners live every day, so he talks from first-hand experience, not a text book. Business owners are passionate about what they do and we are lucky enough to work with them in achieving this.

We see how tough business is without the right finance, so we are launching our own finance brokerage called NQ Finance Group to help connect people with the right finance with the best advice.

I love that nowhere has every facility that Townsville has and without the hustle and bustle of a capital city. And if we want to be we can be in the major capital cities within 3 hours. Townsville has it all!
– Trent Yesberg (Originally published Humans of Townsville Facebook Thu 9th February 2017)