DDIY Bookkeeping

Trent Yesberg –

DUO Magazine Cover: May 2017

Don't Do It Yourself!

WE have all heard of DIY (aka Do It Yourself). We've all watched an episode of The Block and thought "I could do that… sort of". And there is no escaping the ads that make you think: Yes, I am sick of my bathroom… Why not renovate? Just DIY! It's so simple!

DIY is a great mantra, if you don't have anything better to do.

Of course you would DIY if it's what you actually do. If you're a plumber you wouldn't get someone in to x your leaky tap. That just makes sense. It wouldn't make sense if you DDIY.

Don't Do It Yourself is a not a new concept and it's certainly not rocket science but boy, did it resonate with yours truly.

If you're not a plumber, you wouldn't try and plumb your new house. If you're not a mechanic, you wouldn't try to tune your engine. If you're not an accountant, why would you do your own tax? Whatever it is that you do, that's precisely what you should do. Need a hand with deciding between whether something is DIY or DDIY?

Answer this simple question: Do you do it for a living? Yes or No. If you answered 'yes', then by all means, you should definitely do 'it'. If you answered 'no' then it's DDIY time!

When it comes to taking care of your administration needs you should ask yourself the same question. If you're not convinced as to why you should DDIY, then let's consider the benefits of DDIY.

Benefit Number One

You don't have to do it. Ok, maybe this is a little cheeky – but it is true!

Benefit Number Two

You get to enjoy the fact that you don't have to any bookwork to DIY. Come on, are you really telling me that you enjoy doing your bookwork? Yes? Great. You should call me – I have a job for you!

Benefit Number Three

You get to finish everything else you do faster. If you DDIY you'll notice you have more time to complete whatever task is next most important. I say next most important, because having up-to-date, accurate accounts is the number one priority of every business.

Benefit Number Four

Your life is less stressful. Note: not stress free – no one is stress free and if they tell you they are stress free, they are lying!

When you DDIY you have one less thing to worry about.

Some of the other benefits, which may not seem like deal makers include;

So tell me again, why do you like to DIY?

(Originally published DUO Magazine May 2017)